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Seeking further education comes with so many questions, we have answered the most common below but not to worry if your question is not on the list you can contact us for other queries

How much does it cost to leave and study abroad?

The annual cost of studying in any country depends on the course you choose, it’s duration and the country you are going to. In countries like Malaysia, India, Japan, it may be as low as US$7,000 – US$10,000. In countries like the UK, USA and Canada, the range is US$ 15,000 – US$ 25,000 annually (tuition + accommodation + upkeep)

What options of accommodation do I have?

You have 3 options,

  • Home stay – This is where you are given an opportunity to stay with an Australian family. They offer a safe and caring environment.
  • On-campus – Usually sharing an apartment (4 – 8 bedrooms), where you are given your own bedroom, but you share the kitchen, bathroom(s) and living areas with other students.
  • Off-campus – This is where you stay off the campus and the options include house or unit/flat rentals or hostels. Costs vary depending on size, quality and location.

If I have done a year or two at any of the Ugandan Universities, can I get exemptions at my new university.?

We have not identified Universities that are comfortable with units from Uganda but if you have been studying under the International Education system, considerations may be made.

Is there racism in the country I am going to?

No. Universities that accept International students like you, are colour blind.

I have never been on a plane. How can I be helped?

IES holds mandatory Pre-departure counseling session for this purpose. Many students are like you and are very scared of the unknown. In these sessions, the students and parents are free to ask any question concerning their expectations and fears about their maiden travel abroad.

What is the weather like in this country? What is the weather like when I go?

Climate in each country varies. At IESU, you will get a brief about the weather at your destination.

Do I have to sit an English proficiency test?

In some countries like Australia and the USA, regardless of your good grades in English at “O” level, an English Proficiency Test is insisted on.

Am I allowed to work as I study in this country?

In most countries, a student is allowed to work but normally the hours are limited to 20 hours a week during school time though one may work longer hours during school holidays. Getting a job is not guaranteed. So, one should not necessarily depend on it to pay school dues. Working is a privilege and not a right.

How long does the whole process take (i.e. to get my admission letter and to process my Visa)?

As long as we have all the necessary documentation, and depending on the country’s requirements, the whole process may take as long as 12 weeks (working days only)

How do I get my student visa? What about the travel arrangements?

We are dedicated to helping our students with their visas. We will provide you with the student visa form, as well as a detailed document requirement list. We will counsel you on what documents will be needed. We will then lodge your application with the relevant Embassy in Uganda. Please endeavour to provide correct information to speed up your visa.
After the visa is acquired, then we go ahead with the travel arrangements. We may be able to negotiate a one-way student ticket with some airlines. We arrange for airport pickups and first night accommodation when you land at your new destination.

Can I travel to my University with my parent / guardian? If so, how easy is it to get the visa for her/him? Can I travel with my child? Are there any child facilities at the University?

Yes, you can and you may travel with anyone of your choice as long as they satisfy the country’s visa requirements.
You may travel with your child, your family as long as all the visa requirements are fulfilled.
There are not many Universities with Child care facilities but you may make your own private child care arrangements.

Question Not on the list?

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