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At Counseling and Guidance Services we are here to help. We work to foster success and well-being while providing services that respect the values and unique needs of all people.

Certificate Training is available for everyone

Always here to empower you

Look no further for Counseling and Guidance

We offer Counseling and Guidance in the following areas

Personal Challenges

Personality Development / Identification
Anger Management
Stress /Stress ManagementLoneliness and Indecision
Career Choices
And so many others

Family Counseling

Child / Parent Counseling
Parenting Seminars (Parents meet with therapists to help them with their parenting challenges)


Pre-Marital and Marital Counseling
Bridal Showers

We offer Certificate Training in the following areas

Counseling in Uganda

Vital Life Coping Skills
Counseling Skills & Principles
The Counseling Process

Introduction To Counseling Skills and Principles

Definitions, theories and Approaches including HIV/AIDS Counseling
Psychodynamic , Person – centred, Cognitive Behavioural
Conditioning Models

Understanding Children including Parenting Skills

An introduction to Child Psychotherapy
Parenting Empowerment Training
Why train in Parenting
Factors affecting stability of Ugandan Child
Discipline / Setting Limits & Family Values
Children and Housework
Sibling Rivalry
Adolescents and their Challenges e.g. Peer pressure, Sexuality
Child abuse ( Physical, Emotional, Etc)
Tips for Successful Step & Single Parenting
Common Childhood Disorders

Common Human Disorders

Anxiety Disorders
Mood Disorders
Personality Disorders
Sexual Disorders

Methods of Training
• Hand outs
• Interactive Participation
• Assignments
• Role Plays
• Practical situations
Times of Training
Flexible depending on demand though a lot of times, the evenings are preferable to most trainees
(Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday)

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